playwright writer

Born on July 17, 1984 in the city of Sukhoi Log, Sverdlovsk Region (Russia).

By his first marketing degree, he studied advertising at the «Industrial and Economic College» in Yekaterinburg.

Then he moved to Moscow and worked as a producer on the “TV-Rain” channel.

In 2016, Dima finished Nikolai’s Kolyada course at his school of «Ural drama» in Yekaterinburg — this is when a new page in his life opened — his career as a playwright writer began.

Dima is the winner of international drama competitions:

«LitoDrama» (2016)

«Badenweiler» (2016)

«Lyubimovka» (2016, 2017, 2018)

He is the author of the plays listed below:


The play was honored at the «Lyubimovka festival» of young drama in 2016.

In 2016, he released a theater performance and based on it at the «Center for Contemporary Drama” theater in Yekaterinburg. Dima acted as a writer and director.

A year later, in 2017, the same play was staged with actors from «Brusnikin’s Workshop» at the Praktika Theater in Moscow. The performance is playing in theater to the present moment. Dima acted as a writer and director.


The play won a prize at the international drama competition «Badenweiler» in 2016.

After that, in 2017, the play was performed at the «Periphery Public Theater» in Astrakhan.


The play was included in the short list of the «Lyubimovka-2018 festival of young drama».

A play based on it was staged in ‪2019 in St.‬ Petersburg at the «Takoy Theater Theater». It continued to play  to the present moment.


The play was published in the magazine «Contemporary Drama» in 2019.

«I won’t die tomorrow»

The play was first presented at the «2019 Biennale of Contemporary Art» in Yekaterinburg. Directed by Irina Pavlova.

«Russian Boy»

The play was included in the short-list of the «Lyubimovka-2017 young drama festival».

The play has been translated into German. In 2018, the premiere of a play based on it took place at the «Oldenburgisches Staatstheater». Directed by Elina Finkel.


In 2018, Germany’s leading theater publishing house «Henschel Schauspiel» signed a contract with Dima to represent his interests in Germany.

In 2019, the play “Russian Boy” was published in the authoritative theatrical collection “STÜCKE-2019” and introduced for performances in theaters in Germany.

In 2020 play “I won’t die tomorrow” was translated into German one — «Morgen strebe ich nicht» and participated in the Berlin theater festival «Stückemarkt — Open Call ‪2020‬».